Why buy from us?

Our dogs are not cheap. Many people seeking a pet often ask why they should spend  2500$ on a companion animal. “I don’t want a show dog, i just want a nice pet” This question is fair, especially when one can find Corsos now a days in the local classifieds and on Craigslist for 400$.


The simplest answer, as with most things in life, is that you get what you pay for. We are, after all, talking about an animal that will be sharing your and your family’s life for the next 10 to 12 years. It is an investment worth your time and money.

Please keep in mind, that just because a dog is expensive, does not make it high quality. (There are Cane Corsos in pet stores being sold for $4500! Pet stores are supplied by puppy mills)

A high quality dog comes from a high quality breeder.

Some hallmarks of a quality breeder are:

  • Ensuring dogs fit with their new families.
    • This is a breed that is not for everyone, a quality breeder will want to spend some time getting to know you.
    • A good breeder will help and advise which puppy is the best fit for your family. Puppies change constantly, just because a particular puppy impressed you by being calm on the day you visited, doesn’t mean that puppy is the calmest, he may just have been sleepy that time.
  • Ensuring good health and longevity.
    •  A quality breeder tests his breeding stock in order to lower the risk of common problems. Tests from a local vet do not suffice, they should be conducted by nationally accredited organizations such as OFA and/or PennHip.
  • Ensuring betterment of the breed.
    • Though this is a complex statement, a good breeder conscientiously works to ensure the they dogs they are producing advance the breed in some way. A breeder who cannot articulate their breeding goals is a cause for concern.
    • Betterment can come in many different forms: Titling dogs, whether it is in protection sport work, obedience, conformation dog shows etc… shows a breeder’s dedication to producing something besides money in their bank account. Note that not all titles are created equally, find out what exactly all those letters behind the dog’s name really mean.

We take great pride in the dogs we produce, we microchip all our dogs to ensure they will never end up abandoned or in a shelter, and we spend a great amount of time with all owners to make sure that they are not only an initial good fit, but that they can enjoy their lives together for the long run.

In the interest of protecting this breed and dogs in general, we encourage you to find a breeder who also does these things.


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