These dogs were created to do a variety of tasks from guarding to light herding and hunting. Since the modern world isn’t really conducive to testing the dogs’ abilities in its natural setting we turn to dog sports as a way to simulate and evaluate working drives and character.

We produce dogs that have sound minds and temperaments. We aim to breed hardworking dogs with balanced temperament that can be competitive on the working field and loving family companions.

Thank you to Zeke at DogumentaryTV for another great video describing a little of what we do:


We are proud to have our girl NASA featured on the cover of the Cane Corso Chronicle for achieving the Cane Corso Association of America’s 2014 Working Dog of the Year award for the 2nd time. She was also awarded this honor in 2012, then took a year off for her litter, and hit the field hard last year to earn her IPO3, one of only a small handful of dogs in the country, only the 2nd female, and the only one that also holds an AKC Grand Championship!


Full publication can be found here:

To see Nasa earning her high scoring IPO 3 check out the video.

We are particularly active in the sport of IPO (formerly called “Schutzhund”) It is based on police work and is a test developed to determine the utility of German Shepherd dogs. It is a 3 phase test that examines tracking ability (the dog’s aptitude to track a person and find lost objects) the dog’s obedience (attention and compliance to the handler and the agility to jump and scale obstacles) and protection (bite work that tests the dog’s willingness to locate and engage a threat).




NASA is a real pleasure to train, she is motivated and focused. She has good prey and high food drive and loves a good game of tug. She is extremely social and clear headed, but no nonsense when it come to engaging a threat. She is the first and only Champion bitch to achieve the highest level of the protection sport of IPO (Schutzhund) the IPO3.

CGC passed on 12/7/10

CSAU passed on 9/4/11

CD earned 5/27/12 by taking three 1st places with scores of  193.5, 195, and 196 under judge Bonnie Lee.

IPO BH earned 10/6/12 by taking 1st place out of nine GSDs under WDA/SV Judge Mike West.

RN earned 10/28/12

TT earned 4/11/12

CDX earned 6/2/13 by taking 3 1st places. Nasa is only the 4th Cane Corso in history to earn this title.

RA and RE earned 5/23 and 24/14

IPO 1 (full video) earned 7/21/2014 with scores of A:100, B:94, C:91 High Score IPO 1, High in Tracking.

IPO 2 (full video) earned 11/30/2014 with scores of A:99, B:90, C:81 High Score IPO 2.

IPO 3 earned 7/21/2014 with scores of A:100, B:94, C:91 Highest Score in Trial, High Score IPO 3, High in Tracking, High in Obedience.

IPO FH1 earned 3/8/15 with a score of 91

ACAL passed 3/22/15


Ollie earned his BH (click for video) with a near perfect routine, and received the award of “Best BH” on June 3, 2017 under judge Wendell Nope. We are very excited about this boy’s future. Here are some more videos: First time on a new helper, Tracking, Early Protection.











Rønja earned her BH (video above) with a near perfect routine, September 24, 2017 under judge Melissa Hepler at the Dutch Shepherd National Championship. We have high hopes for her.


Check out these videos of him training protection and tracking.



CGC passed on 12/7/14

ACAL passed 3/22/15

BH earned 1/24/16

FH1 earned 1/25/16 with a perfect score of 100.



All photos and content are the sole property of Odisseia Cane Corso. All Rights Reserved.

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