Group Placing, Multiple OH BIS GCH Odisseia’s Once to Kash In CGC “Kash”

Bred By Odisseia. Owned and loved by the Stroming family.

Kash is a very nice young man,  stable and loving with his family. After finishing his Championship with three 5 point majors in only 2 weekends he went on to finish his Grand Championship in a very short amount of time. He has received a group placement, multiple NOHS Best In Shows and made it up to #14 in the national ranking breed points, #17 for all breed points in only 3 months of showing! Currently he is working on some obedience titles. He is also started in tracking, and has had some protection work.

Born: September 8, 2013 Sire: FireHorse Franklin (Rivale Xander x Choice Ron Corso of Bajer) Dam: Italicas Once in a Blue Moon (FireHorse Dorian x Gypsy de Italica Terrae)

PennHip: >90th percentile, no DJD Elbows: grade 1 right elbow (OFA prelim) See Health for more info.

Kash has produced 4 Champions to date!

Odisseia’s Limited Edition with Italica BH

Bred By Odisseia. Owned and loved by the Agrelius family. Handled and trained by Brian Augrelius.

Ollie is a dog with tremendous aptitude for work. He has both food and toy drive in spades, this dog is highly motivated! Ready access to aggression, but not overtly defensive, environmentally very sound.

Ollie earned his BH (click for video) with a near perfect routine, and received the award of “Best BH” on June 3, 2017 under judge Wendell Nope. We are very excited about this boy’s future. Here are some more videos: First time on a new helper, Tracking, Early Protection.

Born: July 5, 2015 Sire: Caio (Alex x Itaca de Volsci) Dam: Italicas Once in a Blue Moon (FireHorse Dorian x Gypsy de Italica Terrae)

Hips and Elbows: TBD See Health for more info.



De Lavoro Forte AC Slater FR BR, MR1

Bred, trained and handled by Oscar Mora Owned by: Semir Metović

Slater is the 1st and ONLY Cane Corso to have achieved the title of Mondio Ring 1 in the US. He has an exceptionally fast strike and a solid temperament. Social and good natured, he is very affectionate with his people.

Though not a large male at 110lbs, he is fast and very athletic. Eager to please and a happy worker, is a pleasure to be around.

Though he was never shown, his construction is solid and well balanced with beautiful head type.

more videos here: Mondio Ring1 Obedience, ProtectionFR Brevet

Born: August 7, 2011 Sire: Navarro degli Elmi (Icaro x Negride degli Elmi) Dam: Amore Elly Mae (Bogart x Sarah)

PennHip: 50th percentile,  Elbows: grade 1 right elbow (OFA prelim) See Health for more information.

Italian Ch Arturo IPO3

Bred By Alessandro Mangano at dell’ Ogliastro Owned by: Lorenzo LoNigro

Arturo is one of the small handful of dogs in the world that can claim both a show championship and the highest level working title. He is a medium energy dog with plenty of drive, strong nerves and clear mind. Socially very stable and good with other dogs. Though he possesses all appropriate protection drives, he is an excellent house dog.

He earned his his CAL 2 and went on to achieve one of the most difficult and prestigious working titles in the world: the IPO 3.  There isn’t a whole lot more to be said about the soundness of his temperament, athletic prowess, and ability to work, as the title really speaks for itself.

He also earned a Championship in the country of the breed’s origin, Italy. He exhibits beautiful type, has very sound structure and moves well, even at his current respectable age of 9!

Born: September 5, 2005 Sire: It. Ch Nik (Bayron x Moira (also a Bayron daughter)) Dam: Dea (Elios x Siria)


All photos of Arturo are property of his owner, we thank him for the opportunity of using his outstanding boy!

BISS Gr Ch Firehorse Franklin CAL 1, CAL 2    aka “Oak”

Bred By: Ron Hoser at FireHorse Cane Corso Owned by: Jon Weaver and Ron Hoser

Oak is a truly exceptional Corso with an outstanding temperament. He is completely stable around people and animals while also knowing when to act protective. He is an active, highly motivated dog that loves to play and shows real proclivity for sport work.

He easily passed his CGC, and also has aptitude certificates (CAL 1 and 2) under his belt demonstrating potential as a working dog.

His show career is unparalleled owing to his type, structure and movement. This year he surpassed all his previous show successes by taking Best of Breed at our National Specialty. As of April 2013 he is number one in “breed points” AND “all breed points” by a large margin. In 2012 he was the only dog to appear in the top 2 National rankings in “breed points” AND “all breed points” having taken countless Best of Breed wins and group placements, as well as an Award of Merit at Westminster, and won the CCAA’s prestigious Breeder’s Cup in 2012.

Born: May 19, 2009 Sire: Rivale Xander (Dei Rivale Mojo x Dei Rivale Brittany) Dam: Choice Ron Corso of Bajer (Baddo Dei Re di Roma x Chilli Corso z Machova kraje (Jones daughter))

PennHip: 80th percentile OFA Cardiac: Normal

Some more great photos of Oak

BISS Gr Ch FireHorse Kickin’ Out the Jams aka “Jude”

Bred By: Ron Hoser at FireHorse Cane Corso Owned by: Ron and Jennifer Hoser

Jude is an Oak son, he is a young dog that shows immense promise and very similar characteristics to his father. At 22 months old he beat over 80 dogs at the CCAA’s Regional Specialty and took home a Group 4, he is rock steady and shows super working drives. Here is a short video of his 1st time on a sleeve. This was a completely unfamiliar place and only his 2nd time on a back tie!  (his bark has much improved since this was taken ; ) )

Born: June 24, 2011 Sire: FireHorse Franklin (Rivale Xander x Choice Ron Corso of Bajer) Dam: FireHorse Diva (Rambo Della Valle Dei Lord x Kelly Corso z Machova kraje (Jones daughter))

All photos and content are the sole property of Odisseia Cane Corso. All Rights Reserved.

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