Each breed of dog has a breed standard, a written statement of the ideal specimen. Dog shows evaluate how closely the dog conforms to its written standard, thus it is called “conformation”.

In the US the Cane Corso is judged by the AKC’s standard, in Europe it is the FCI. Though the wording may be slightly different, a god dog is a good dog when judged by either standard.

Certainly looks alone do not define the Cane Corso, but it is important that breed standards be honored and structure and type hopefully improved upon in each generation.


 Group Placing, Multiple OH BIS GCH Odisseia’s Once to Kash In CGC surpassed all expectations in the show ring. Handled exclusively by us he finished his Championship title by attending only 2 show weekends and winning three 5 point majors! He has gone on to multiple Working Group Placements, OH Best In Shows, a National Specialty Select, and a the 2016 Top 20 Members Choice Award!



 GCH Italica’s Once in a Blue Moon CGC TT RE CDX IPO3 FH1

AKC CH earned on 12/11/11

AKC Gr CH earned on 5/27/12 by taking Best of Breed in a large class.


BGCH Odisseia’s Once Twice Three Times a Lady CGCA, TT won her 1st  major by receiving Best Opposite from the Bred-By class over some nice specials. We are so proud of her finishing her Championship! Lena is owned and adored by the Catania family.

Lena going BOS over specials from the Bred-By class


Odisseia’s Once is Never Enough for Italica  from the same litter won a major the very first time she stepped foot in the ring at the Cane Corso parent club’s National Specialty at the tender age of 6 months. Cali is owned and adored by the Taurone family.

All photos and content are the sole property of Odisseia Cane Corso. All Rights Reserved.

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