Thank you for visiting our website.   We aim to breed hardworking dogs with balanced temperament that can be competitive on the working field and loving family companions.

 Temperamentally we select for a stable, unflappable dog that exhibits confidence, high motivation, clear headed focus and sociability towards other people and animals while still having enough defensive edge to act as a guardian and a deterrent. We highly value agility and stamina and the general soundness that comes with good health.

Though this amazing breed has a firm root in Italian history, since their reconstruction in the late 20th century they have been and still are evolving. Conformationally we breed to the AKC standard, but believe a good dog should fit both the AKC and FCI standards. We strive to produce average size dogs (100-120 for males, and 90-110 lbs for females)

This breed is not for everyone, but for those willing to put in the time they are extremely rewarding companions.

Our friends at DogumentaryTV have created an introductory video about us and our dogs:

They also created some excellent segments on “Living with the Cane Corso” featuring our dogs!

 We do not currently have puppies available our next litter is planned for mid-late 2017 and we are currently building our reservation list.

For a “preview” please check out our previous litters on the PUPPIES page.

About the breeder:

Annie has been enthusiastically involved in the Cane Corso breed since 2007. NASA is responsible for sparking an ardent interest in dog sports and shows.

She has successfully handled many dogs in AKC shows, finished Champions, and competed in obedience and protection sports. Though there are a few breeders that actually show there own dogs, there are far less that train and work their own, and almost none that do both. All her dogs are owner handled AND trained. This is a huge advantage to our pappy families as far as being able to provide insight and helping you with every aspect of your puppy.

She an officer of the Cane Corso Association of America (the AKC breed parent club) and and chairs the CCAA’s Working and Performance and Health and Genetics Committees, she is also the CCAA’s delegate to the American Working Dog Federation.

Locally she is a member and officer of the competitive Schutzhund club All Canine Working Dog Club and has helped many members their find training success. She is very knowledgable on canine behavior, training, and the Cane Corso breed. For info on her pet training please visit Los Angeles School of Dog.

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